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Driven USA MX Front Sprocket Honda CR 250R 88-08/ CRF 450 02-09/TRX 450R 2004-2008/ Suzuki RMZ 450 2005-2007

Item no: 2054
Today's Sale Price: $32.95
Application Chart Diagrams Application
1988 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
1989 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
1990 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
1991 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
1992 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
1993 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
1994 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
1995 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
1996 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
1997 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
1998 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
1999 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
2000 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
2001 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
2002 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
2003 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
2004 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
2005 Honda CR 250R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
2002 Honda CRF 450R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
2003 Honda CRF 450R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
2004 Honda CRF 450R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
2005 Honda CRF 450R OEM: 13, Range: 13- 15
14 teeth
15 teeth
16 teeth
This item does NOT ship for free
Shipping charges will apply to this item. If you place your order now we will call with the shipping rate. If the rate is approved by you we will charge you the additional shipping. If the rate is NOT approved by you then we will cancel your order. If you do not wish to place your order now you can enter in the quantity you wish to order and your zip code in the Q&A section below and we will respond with a quote.
WARNING: Laws concerning this product vary from state/province to state/province. Your state/province may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty, show use, off-road areas, or race facility areas only. In some states/provinces off-road uses are also prohibited. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state/provincial and local/municipal laws and regulations.
The Q&A on this Product
QUESTION:  i have a 2003 crf 450 and when i took the front sprocket off i saw a skinney ring laying on the stan. does the ring go in front or behind the sprocket
ANSWER:  ck on an online fisch
QUESTION:  will a rear sprocket for a 96 cr 250 fir my 2000 cr 250 ? same teeth number but will it bolt up? thanks Zac
ANSWER:  yes it will 96-01 is the same sprocket
QUESTION:  what is the torques setting for the bolts to the front sprocket cr250 honda dirtbike?
ANSWER:  your honda manuel should have that
QUESTION:  i have cr250r 2001 model with 13-48 sprocket but i can't get a top speed, what size to get top speed?
ANSWER:  Larger in the front and smaller in the rear will increase your overall top speed.
QUESTION:  is there a way of looking at the vin to tell the 2008 hona crf 450 r and x apart?
ANSWER:  i am sure contact an honda dealer for more details
QUESTION:  will a 12 tooth sprocket on the front of my 2003 crf 450 do any harm to tranny? 53 on the back.
ANSWER:  no it will not
QUESTION:  Hi I just bought a Honda CR250 and I am not sure what year model it is. On the exhaust tag it says 1995 (it can be an aftermarket part) but the guy I bought it from recons it is a 1996 model. Is there a way that I can check on the bike itself to see exactly the year model?
ANSWER:  yes take your vin number to your local honda dealer
QUESTION:  going to florence dunes thinking a 15-48 would be the proper set up for top speed and good torque riding 07 crf450.do you ship to canada
ANSWER:  yes we do!
QUESTION:  I was tightening the main bolt to attach the front sprocket to the countershaft and the bolt (UBS 8*33) snapped off leaving half of it in the bike.... is this repairable?
ANSWER:  it sure is but you will need to have a good shop look at it .
QUESTION:  In which direction do I loosen the front sprocket nut of the CRF450 (clock/anticlock?) and how do I loosen it if the nut is stripped??
ANSWER:  counter clockwise you can weld and grind the nut to fit the socket best be done by a profesional
QUESTION:  ok so let me get this straight- after some research 15 is the best for the highest speed a 04 CRF450 bike can produce, is this right? looking for 100+ mph
ANSWER:  for 100mph you should do a 15-44
QUESTION:  do you sell a 12 tooth for a 2004 crf450?
ANSWER:  yes part number 0054-520-12t
QUESTION:  Do you sell a 12 tooth front sprocket for a 1998 cr250? Also, do you sell a chain guide to be used with oversized rear sprockets. I would like to go from a 50, to maybe a 52 or 53 tooth rear sprocket? Or, is there a better way to deal with the chain guide issue?
ANSWER:  WE DO SELL A 12 TOOTH SPROCKET 0054-520-12 Driven Racing
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